How to Buy a Used Car – In Eight Easy Steps

How to Buy a Used Car – In Eight Easy Steps

By Faryal Arshad


Step One: Should You Buy Used or New?

Benefits to buying a car that is per-owned:


-Not as much depreciation

-Lower insurance

-Used cars tend to be more reliable today than they ever have been before

-History can be traced with VIN

Step Two: Select the Truck or Car That Is Right for You

Take into consideration the activities you will be performing in your car. Is it for personal or business use? How much space do you need and for how many people?

Step Three: Find a Bargain on Certain Used Car Models

One of the main factors that can drive up the price of a car that many people don’t realize is it’s popularity. All cars are reliable and perform well, but some models have found more popularity than others and it’s those models that will cost you extra to drive off the lot.

Step Four: Do Some Research on the Used Car

Check out dealer websites that provide the information that you need to consider for your decision to purchase the used car that is right for you. They will offer insight on features, safety and spec, price, resale values, and photos necessary for such a huge commitment.

Step Five: Determine What Kind of Budget you are Working With

Be sure to secure your finances before you begin the process so there aren’t any shocks coming your way. You will need to know what you can realistically afford for not only the monthly payment, but also for the upfront down payment.

Step Six: Get a Loan

There are only three basic ways to pay for your used car:

-You can pay cash

-You can get financed through a credit union or bank

-You can get financed through the dealership

Step Seven: Take a Used Car for a Test Drive

Because the car you’re interested in buying is used, you want to give the vehicle a thorough inspection and be sure it’s in good condition. One of the best ways to do this is to take it for a test drive and see how you feel in the car and how well it handles. You can take the services of a qualified mechanic as well so that you can know about the real condition of the car engine.

Step Eight: Purchase Your Used Automotive!

You decide the automotive you chose fits not only your needs, but your budget as well. Make sure you have your insurance, sign the paperwork, and enjoy your new vehicle.